5 Dating Questions To Ask

Dating Questions
5 dating questions to ask while dating someone.

Today’s blog post 5 dating questions to ask is by guest writer, Lauren Groff.

Lauren provides some great insights about what you should be asking when dating someone. Asking questions and finding out who they are and what their relationships with others are like will help you determine if that relationship is worth pursuing.

5 Dating Questions To Ask

As a Christian, dating often comes with additional challenges. You’re looking for compatibility on a deeper level, a mixture of attraction and spiritual connection. Finding a partner with the right moral values takes work. There’s a delicate line to walk in Christian dating – nobody wants to be quizzed about their fundamental beliefs on a first date, but you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong person!

So when’s the right time to get down to the nitty gritty? And what’s the best line of questioning for your prospective life partner? Let’s take a look at the crucial questions you need to be asking in Christian dating.

Asking And Listening

Of course, asking the right questions is important. But equally, if you aren’t listening to the answers you receive then you’re getting no closer to understanding if this individual is right for you. Remember to listen closely to the answers you receive – they’ll give you a deep insight into your date’s personal beliefs, values and spiritual life. Ask these questions and then open your ears to learn everything you need to know about whether they’re right for you.

1) How Is Your Relationship With Your Parents?

The relationship someone maintains with their parents into adulthood is very telling. A positive relationship indicates maturity and respect, two values that are crucial in your ongoing relationship. Often, people find their religion from their parents and a love of God can be handed down from one generation to the next – uncovering someone’s relationship with their parents can reveal surprising insights into their spirituality.

2) Are You Reading Any Good Books?

This is a casual question, and one which can lead to animated conversation on the first date – but whilst this seemingly innocuous question can make for good small talk, it also often helps you uncover your date’s deeper values. The books they’re reading tell us about their spiritual and moral interests and, of course, about whether bible study is something that continues to be important to them. It also tells us if they’re a reader at all, something which could be vitally to your attraction to them.

3) Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Is your prospective partner a future planner or a go-with-the-flow-er? Finding out the direction in which your date plans on taking their life provides you with essential clues about how’d you’d mesh as life partners. Are they career-driven or more interested in traveling, for example? To avoid wasting frustrating time in relationships you need to make sure your values are aligned, and quickly. If you’re looking for someone who you could be marrying in a year or two, you don’t want to learn they’re planning on moving to China in a year!

4) Do You Volunteer Outside Of Work?

Someone who gives up their time to help others is demonstrating strong Christian values. There are so many ways to volunteer through one’s church or other Christian organization, and there are so many ways to make a difference, that volunteering is almost a spiritual duty. Enquiring into someone’s charitable practices can help you understand if their moral and religious values are in line with your own.

5) Who Are Your Closest Friends?

The people who form close friendships are likely to make better partners – by demonstrating selflessness and understanding in their friendships, they’ve already proved they know how to foster supportive relationships. Be wary of starting relationships with people who seem to have few or no friends – whilst you’ll be the centre of attention for a while, it often proves true that they’re alone for a reason.

Wrapping Up

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right can seem daunting, but there’s a person out there that your deep capacity for love is waiting for. Dating can often seem like a drag, a superficial series of events that feel like killing time before a deeper connection can emerge, but by asking the right questions that get the heart of someone’s values, you can quickly tell if a relationship is worth pursuing. And remember, sometimes the most important questions are the ones we can ask ourselves.

Bio: Lauren Groff is a dating blogger. She writes about Christian dating and lifestyle, navigating this crazy world through faith and belief. She also blogs about education and writing tips at SimpleGrad.

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  1. So insightful ! One of the areas God has been helping me with is in praying for the ability to be a good listener. Listening carefully to those answers from the other person whether it is online or offline gives us a glimpse of their personality . May the Lord grant all the Singles who are True , Honest & Intentional with His wisdom. This with the guidelines above will enable us to yield meaningful relationships
    ( Proverbs 9 : 10 ) .

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