I want to get married, but no mate yet.

I want to get married

“I want to get married”. Many Christian singles have this desire in their hearts, but over time they get discouraged, as they haven’t yet met that special someone. Dr. Jim has some encouraging words to help singles in trusting the Lord with whatever outcome¬†He has for their lives.

If I want to get married (as God placed the desire within me to marry), why has He not provided a mate for me yet?

You pose an interesting question about desire and marriage. As I consider the question, I wonder if the desire to marry is one from God or one developed because of your personal desire. There are a lot of single adults that pose this question to me.

I want to honor your desires and feelings as I ask God to share through me. What comes to my mind is that there are often many desires in our lives that for one reason or another they are not realized. It is a human condition and we shall always be lacking in one way or another on this earth.

“The Need To Belong”

God did place within us the need to belong. The need to belong is a God given drive. The main purpose is for so that we will need God, for only He can satisfy the deeper longings. The need to belong is also within us so that we are motivated to reach out and include others. 1Cor. 12 is one passage of scripture that clearly points out that none of us is created complete but needs others. In my opinion, I suspect that it is the need to belong that drives most single adults and they translate it into the need to marry.

Leave it in His hands

Try as I may, I do not presume that I can adequately answer this question (I want to get married but ) for each person or each circumstance. When I realize an area in my life that is lacking, I know of no other way to handle the disappointment than to pour out my feelings to God.

“Leave it in His Hands to Work Out the Best Solution”

I tell Him it is not fair and I am hurting. However, I continue that while I do not like or understand why this is happening to me, I do trust Him. I purpose to not allow the circumstance to sour me or draw me away from doing all that I can to realize my desire, unless God shows me that my desire is not an honoring one. Then I leave it in His hands to work out the best solution for me.

Prayer For A Relationship

Do not allow Satan to rob you of the joys that God wants to share with you, whatever and whenever they are. I am asking God’s Spirit to communicate to each one in the way that is comforting and filled with hope.

Dr. Jim
Author of “Guide to Successful Online Christian Dating”

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  • tana kratochvil says:

    I thought that was a really good answer. We should always be pointed to the Author and Finisher of our faith. I have been a widow for 9 yrs and I think it is harder after having had a meaningful relationship-to be without. I pray constantly for God’s will to be done. I haven’t faced the possibility that I might have to die to that vision. But thanks for the insights.

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