A Christmas Story to encourage singles

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story for Christian Singles

A Christmas story: so much meaning for us to embrace what is behind such a profound event! Are we allowing any room for God’s Spirit to enter and empower us during this Season? Are you giving Jesus a special place in your heart? Dr. Jim illustrates how important it is to have space for Christ in our hearts.

When a Christmas story is relevant even today.

Several years ago dear friends of mine were unable to have any children. This is a very sensitive issue and one that is not easy to endure around a church filled with families. My heart broke to see the anguish in their eyes as each Mother’s Day etc. was celebrated.

The church was the originator of the ‘Living Christmas Tree’ that is now very popular in many churches. My friend Steve was the Minister of Music and a VERY accomplished tenor. Each Christmas Steve had a special solo near the end of the production. The year that I have in mind was the one when Steve wrote a new song and introduced it at that year’s Living Christmas Tree. The power in and behind that song left each of us who knew Steve and his wife utterly blown away. The song was titled ‘Is There A Place.’ I do not recall the exact words in the song, but the point of the song that there is a little baby that is out in the cold and yearns to find a place to live. The message was especially poignant coming through Steve in his condition.

Steve and his wife sent me a Christmas card this year. It was a wonderful reminder of how God has so richly provided for this yearning. They adopted two wonderful children many years ago and have a ‘family’ more than most could ever experience.

Embracing the message behind the Christmas story

Do you really embrace the message and meaning behind the Christmas story? I desire that each of us, and those around us, take the time to consume the love and expressions found in this story of wonder.

You know the Christmas story – Part I. However, are you fully cognizant of Part II? Jesus Christ began looking for a place on this earth some 2,000 years ago. His quest has never stopped since his first breath, and He continues to seek a place to this day.

Is there a place in your life for Jesus to stay? Or are you callously allowing Christ to stay out in the cold and away from filling your spirit?

The sad element in so many lives at Christmas is that there is so much garbage and personal edification that there is no room for God’s Spirit to come in and reside.

I receive many emails from single adults wondering why God is not hearing their pleas or able to work wonders in their lives. The emails often continue with specifics that clearly reveal that they are not allowing any room for God’s Spirit to enter and empower them.

Do you have space for Jesus in your heart?

Let’s make this point. Are YOU emptying out your spirit of personal dreams and goals so that Christ will have room to be in your life? Christ never enters where He is not invited and where room has not been created for Him.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and have fun. I challenge you to go to a deeper level this year and exchange some ‘fun’ for some ‘joy.’ There is a reason that JOY begins with a ‘J.’

Put some joy back into your life and check out some of our favorite Christmas Songs to help you do that.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Jim

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  1. I have been so BLESSED to have Season One of The Chosen. It is an incredible series and one of the episodes is called “The Christmas Gift.” I have watched it over and over. Last year my family was all together for Christmas, my daughter’s Birthday, and New Years. This year no one will be here except me. But I plan to visit with a best friend who just lost her husband the 1st day of this month with COVID. That will be my Christmas story and Jesus will be the center of it bcuz I will be with a believer who loves Jesus as I do. Jesus always has a place in my heart and my life and He will always be first place!

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