Online Dating: How Long Does It Take?

Online Dating: How Long to work

Some jump into online dating thinking that they’ll get instant ‘success’. Yes, that sometimes happens, but for many that’s likely not the case.

Do we have a lot of stories of couples who met while on the 10 Day Free Trial? Absolutely. Here are just a few:

Testimonial stories

“Jeff and I met on in November 2010 while we were both on a 10 day free trial….” – read more

“Somehow I ended up on and did the trial offer, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but something did happen….” – read more

“I met Robert June 2010. Communicated at your site for the whole free trial period, (it was love at first pictures:))….” – read more

“I signed up for your 10 day free trial in March of 2009. I was getting close to the free trial period ending. I ran across his profile and sent him a message….” – read more

However, sometimes (ok, a lot of times) it requires a bit more time. I wouldn’t go as far as the three years quoted below, but maybe a few months at least.

Again, every situation is different. All that said, here’s a little copy/paste from the Cafe Forums from a (soon to be former) member who met his match after 3 years of searching online:

More Testimonials from our ex-singles.

“I received an email stating I have three days left before expiration so I would like to take a moment to encourage you!

I’m soon to be married to be married to a lady who is beautiful, intelligent, and kind. Most importantly she understands that I will never love her as much as Christ does.

I want to tell you that I did not meet her right away, I’ve been a member for over three years. It can be discouraging I must admit, I’ve emailed back and forth with MANY women, sometimes the thought sprung up that maybe I’m wasting my time. Good things are worth waiting for though, if you ever get impatient at not seeing that blinking new mail button just remember that.

Say blessed in Christ!”

Have faith! And yes, Online Dating works and you just need patience.

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