Our Christmas wishes for all singles at this wonderful time.

 Christmas wishes to all Christian singles out there

Christmas spirit should be around us all year round, not just now. Christ’s birth has lots to teach us and to show His plan for redemption for all mankind. Let us celebrate this great gift God has presented to us over 2,000 years ago with Christmas wishes to all that are in need.

Christmas wishes for this time of the year.

Many Christian singles spend the evening with family or friends, but as one of their Christmas wishes is to be with someone, they can feel alone and distressed. However, another way to view this Season is to see Christmas as a season of inspired giving and charity. When we put aside our own worries, and focus on those less fortunate, our own burden can feel less heavy and we can experience the true Christmas “spirit”. While celebrating our Savior’s birth, let us also remember to praise our Creator, which can make our lives special and meaningful to others.

Getting involved in charitable activities is one of many ways to wisely use your time. It makes you see your problems in a different light. Seeing other’s suffering put your own into perspective. Jesus wants us to make Him part of our celebrations with our loved ones and families.

We should seek with all our heart, mind, and soul our wonderful God and look upon this time as not just a celebration to be with family and friends, but to see the true Christ of Christmas. He should be the One that we celebrate. Our Christmas message this year is that in spite of loneliness or debt or a lousy job or being unemployed, our amazing and glorious God has a plan for us all and that He has shown it by coming to earth to be one of us, starting out as that little baby in Bethlehem!

Origins of Christmas and actual society take on it.

The early church fathers, trying to get the people back to worship the one true God, set December 25th as the birth of Christ, and over the years various things have been added, e.g. the Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, exchanging of presents, Santa Claus, Christmas songs, helping others less fortunate than ourselves, etc. Certainly, these are man-made traditions, but if the focus is on Jesus being the Reason for the Season, this is a good thing.

However, these Christmas traditions have being slowly eroded in the past few years with the anti-Christmas sentiment in our secular world. Some are going out of their way to wipe Christ entirely from Christmas celebrations. Walking in a mall today, sometimes you won’t find any mention of Christmas at all. You wouldn’t even know if it was Christmas time! True Christmas had that special feeling, the good news of Jesus’ birth, happiness, joy, and brother/sisterhood that came with the Christmas spirit. What we see now is this being wiped from the public space. Calling Christmas “the holidays” is just silly (ironically, the root of “holiday” is “holy day”!).

However, in spite of this anti-Christmas sentiment that we see today, believers can continue to praise our Savior and use this Season as a wonderful opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus. The Church grows stronger under persecution, so even if the world is trying to extinguish Christmas, we should remain strong and continue to tell one and all about the Christ Child and what His birth means for all of us.

God came to save us through Jesus. That’s what we celebrate!

Sending Christmas wishes is a wonderful way to express your love and spread joy, happiness, love and how that special Child in a manger changed the history of the world. Please check out our Christmas songs and also our Christmas cards collection.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. I would rather date a lady who loves God and has a good personality-someone to pray with-do things with and for and go out and have fun with !

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