Keeping Your Faith Strong and Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Moving Forward

All human beings need love. People won’t be satisfied with their life if there’s no one who can support them and show them respect and love. That’s the reason, if we’re faithful, that God can send us someone who’ll complete us. However, as many people know, things in love and relationships do not always go in the right direction. After many months or even years of love, a breakup can suddenly occur. Moving forward is hard!

Broken relationships negatively influence the mental health of the person that is still attached to their previous partner. He or she loses the necessary faith that they will find the right person for them. Because of that, they would rather stay single and try to convince themselves that a happy life without love is possible.

However, sooner or later, people realize that they need love. That is the reason they are desperate about moving forward to start a new more loving relationship. Unfortunately, doing that in a hurry can bring additional problems. People start making the same mistakes, which usually makes their faith in love even weaker.

Why Does God Let Someone Bad be Around a Believer?

This is one of the questions many believers have. They feel like they didn’t deserve to be disappointed because of a bad person they previously loved. However, believers need to understand that broken relationships are not a punishment. They can be a most valuable life-lesson if you’re open to learning from it and moving forward.

But be careful, as a broken heart can mess up your thoughts, emotions, and ways of thinking. However, people need to analyze that lesson and try to understand the mistakes they made that played a part in the relationship not working out. In that way, they will be more likely to not make the same mistakes again.

Mistakes Christians Make When Looking for the Love of Their Life

Finding the right soulmate as a Christian single can be a challenging task. People try hard to make the right choices. However, they need to realize that making the same mistakes can lead to an unhealthy new relationship. Because of that, finding out common mistakes people make will help them prepare for their next date properly.

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Allowing Other People to Influence Their Opinion

When someone has a problem, the first people they will often ask for advice are their friends or parents (depending on their age). The suggestions of people they love should serve as a direction in which they should go. After hearing different types of explanations and tips, every person will have to come to his or her own conclusions.

The good news is that they already had a bad experience that they can learn from if they are open to that.

Desperately Trying to Start a Relationship

Christians need to have a clear mind when they are looking for the love of their life. There is no reason to make a decision in a hurry and be desperate to start a new relationship. Sooner or later, the right moment for that will come. God will support your prayers about when the right person should come into your life.

Doing things in a hurry usually leads to additional mistakes. That is the reason single people need to be patient and take it slowly.

Not Getting Ready to Move Forward

Bad experiences in love relationships have long-term consequences. People often lose their focus and become desperate. However, because of their emotional attachment to a past relationship, they do not see how a new opportunity could be there for them.

Many singles pray that God will connect them with the right person. However, what if God already did that and you missed it due to having negative thoughts? This can especially be true if you are still attached to your previous partner. You may be so hung up on this person that you cannot see moving forward and find someone more suitable for yourself.

Don’t forget, too, that breakups can also be part of God’s plan. They could be one of the most valuable lessons a Christian can get!

Lack of Self-Confidence and Self-Respect

Some Christians can start blaming themselves because of their previous bad love experience. Because of that, they can lose their self-confidence and start thinking that they do not deserve to be loved by another.  They must not forget that God loves all of his children. Every person deserves to get the chance to feel love and respect. The task is to learn from the mistakes you have previously made and moving forward. When you improve your self-respect, you will be more able to start understanding what you are looking for and what you deserve. But, you first need to make sure you are the right person for the one you want to attract!

This article was brought to you by Kristin Savage. Kristin is an editor and has many years of experience in the writing industry. Blogging and writing have been her passion for many years. Because of her interests and talents, she now contributes to several platforms as a regular blogger.

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  1. I have already my strong faith in the Lord. How can i keep it sure to be strong all the time? As bible study can help how else? And what strategy do i must do so that my family willngave strong faith too and that is also a way of moving forward as far as i know.

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